2013 in Review!

December 23, 2013

2013 in Review!

December 23, 2013

2013 in Review!

With 2013 coming to a close, I thought it might be fun to do a year-long round-up of my favorite images from the year! In case you’ve never seen me at a shoot before, apparently I talk with my arms and hands, just like all good motivational coaches. So, you’ve been warned :)

Alison Dunn Photography photo-72
So without further ado… 2013 in review! I started the year with my very first wedding as a lead shooter for Sarah + Dan, in the snow! Thanks for trusting me, Team Wessel!

Alison Dunn Photography photo-2Alison Dunn Photography photo-1

In the spring our friends Chris and Becca came to visit us and I took their pictures in Gaithersburg, and then secretly captured Chris’ proposal in the same place where they had their first date, and then did their engagement photos all around Old City! I can shamelessly say that photographing their story is one of my favorite hobbies.

Alison Dunn Photography photo-3
Alison Dunn Photography photo-50Alison Dunn Photography photo-51Alison Dunn Photography photo-29Alison Dunn Photography photo-28

For Easter I did mini-sessions for our church in Silver Spring. We miss them dearly but love visiting when we’re back in town!

Alison Dunn Photography photo-70
Alison Dunn Photography photo-6

I shot Eric + Elaine‘s very DC and very Alice in Wonderland engagement session – they attracted LOTS of attention and lots of unplanned second and third and fourth shooters.. :)

Alison Dunn Photography photo-7Alison Dunn Photography photo-9

I made several trips from Maryland to Philly to do portraits for the most adorable nurses and an equally adorable set of siblings…

Alison Dunn Photography photo-10Alison Dunn Photography photo-11Alison Dunn Photography photo-12

… and did an anniversary session for Danny + Kara!

Alison Dunn Photography photo-16Alison Dunn Photography photo-17

Stephanie Dee took me on many adventures as a second shooter and I am so grateful for her friendship and trust! We’ve shared many a bugbite, frostbite, and wedding cake together :)

Alison Dunn Photography photo-60

With Steph, I got to help capture so many fun weddings, including Erica + Derek‘s Valley Forge wedding,

Alison Dunn Photography photo-71Alison Dunn Photography photo-20

Keri + Andrew‘s Buffalo, New York wedding (only 12 hours after Erica and Derek’s, and six hours away!!),

Alison Dunn Photography photo-21Alison Dunn Photography photo-22

Chelsea + John‘s State College manor/bed & breakfast wedding,

Alison Dunn Photography photo-27Alison Dunn Photography photo-26

Kait + Travis‘ Annapolis and beautifully bayside wedding,

Alison Dunn Photography photo-30Alison Dunn Photography photo-31

Heather + Chris’ rustic Virginia barn wedding,

Alison Dunn Photography photo-32

and Bridget + Steven‘s Cumberland mountain-air wedding!

Alison Dunn Photography photo-33Alison Dunn Photography photo-34
I had the very sweet and beautiful privilege of capturing James + Sarah‘s wedding, with just Sarah, James, our pastor, the gardens, and a videocamera for their families.

Alison Dunn Photography photo-23Alison Dunn Photography photo-24

Our friends Carolyn + Corey got engaged and we happened to be in Philly that weekend, so I did their engagement session the very next day! Talk about efficiency :)

Alison Dunn Photography photo-13diptych4

Their wedding was 6 months later and beautiful. It is always an honor to be asked to photograph a couple’s special day, but an especially big privilege for dear friends :)

Alison Dunn Photography photo-37Alison Dunn Photography photo-38Alison Dunn Photography photo-39

Oh and here’s me again :)

Alison Dunn Photography photo-61

A few more engagement and anniversary shoots for Jeff + Alex, and Chris + Katie

Alison Dunn Photography photo-35Alison Dunn Photography photo-36Alison Dunn Photography photo-41Alison Dunn Photography photo-42Alison Dunn Photography photo-43

… and one last wedding second shooting for Miss Jennifer Baumann. My view of Jake + Christine’s day will be coming to my blog in 2014!

Alison Dunn Photography photo-44Alison Dunn Photography photo-45

2013 has been nothing like I expected, and so much better than I had expected. God is a great God. BIG, HUGE thank yous to everyone who let me come into their lives and photograph their stories. Catch you in 2014! :)

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