Colby Jack Round-Up

February 24, 2014

Colby Jack Round-Up

February 24, 2014

Colby Jack Round-Up

Colby woke me up this morning and informed me that it was his turn to be featured on the blog, since he’d only been the main focus once, back when we got him (here!). He told me that if he didn’t get his time in the limelight, he’d pack up a little survival kit wrapped in a handkerchief tied on a stick and run away from home. And then I promptly reminded him that he is afraid of the outdoors and would probably end up sitting on the stoop outside waiting for us to let him back inside. But just in case… :)

There once was a time when Colby could fit in wheelbarrows…

Colby Jack b-1

… and in the front seat of cars…

Colby Jack b-3Colby Jack b-4

… and was also weird and lanky with too-long legs and a too-small head. We loved him anyway.

Colby Jack b-2

Seriously though, look at his legs. So long.

Colby Jack b-5

Since his arrival, Colby has spent about 98% of his time sleeping, and the other 2% demanding Pup-peroni treats. We always oblige.

Colby Jack b-8

Just look at how scary he is when he demands things.

Colby Jack b-9Colby Jack-1

Our friend Julie popped over to take our Christmas card photo…

Colby Jack b-6

… and then Colby did this, because of course he did.

Colby Jack b-7

Colby came home with a cone on his head and demanded more Pup-peroni as compensation.

Colby Jack-2Colby Jack-3

He rebelled against his cone life by being king of the snow.

Colby Jack-5Colby Jack-4

Did I mention the sleeping thing?

Colby Jack-7Colby Jack b-11Colby Jack-6Colby Jack b-10Colby Jack b-12

A few more Instagram favorites :) You can follow along to see more Colby Jack-stagrams here, and follow the new Alison Dunn Photography instagram here!

Colby Jack InstagramColby Jack Instagram 4Colby Jack Instagram 3Colby Jack Instagram 2

Love you little bud :)

Colby Jack b-a-1

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