New Website!

February 16, 2015

New Website!

February 16, 2015

New Website!

Does anybody else get a serious case of winter doldrums right around February? The only thing keeping me from wearing sweatpants all day and creating a blanket cocoon to live in are the large quantities of dark chocolate M&Ms in my shopping cart every week. Valentine’s Day sales, am I right? And just kidding on the sweatpants thing, I’m 100% still wearing them all day.

Washington Crossing Inn Wedding Photographer photo

Last weekend, as we were looking forward to warmer weather and the upcoming wedding season, Kealan and I decided to do a little 2015 brainstorming (we came late to the New Year’s Resolution party). We started throwing around some big ideas. And then we found ourselves hovering around our laptops for the next twelve hours as we worked on a new website for me AND a separate website for the Invisibooth. AH! We weren’t planning on refreshing my web presence (or getting the booth its own site) for another few years, but WE DID IT! All without shedding any tears ;)

I’m SO excited about both sites and to celebrate the launches, I’m doing TWO giveaways and THREE discounts!


Up for grabs:


There are several ways to enter:

1. Comment below, and let me know how you cope with the winter! And specify whether you’d like the session or the booth rental.
2. Follow Alison Dunn Photography on Instagram, and follow the instructions on the GIVEAWAY photo.
3. Like Alison Dunn Photography on Facebook, and follow the instructions on the GIVEAWAY photo.
4. E-mail me with someone else’s e-mail address, and a compliment that you’d like me to send them on your behalf. I won’t share your name! Because why not spread a little cheer? :)

You can enter all four ways for extra chances to win! You can also get five extra entries by sharing the GIVEAWAY photo on Facebook or regramming the GIVEAWAY photo on Instagram, with the hashtag #alisondunngiveaway.

Travel is included within 50 miles of Philadelphia, additional travel fees may apply outside 50 miles. Winners will be announced on Saturday, February 21.

[Edited 2/21/15 – Congratulations to Sara Allen for winning a free session, and to Nick Sikoutris for winning the Invisibooth rental!]


I NEVER do this, but I’m so excited to offer three ways to celebrate!


The rules: Your wedding/session/event must take place on a day that I’m available! To be eligible for discounts, contracts must be signed by Sunday, March 1, and deposits must be received by Saturday, March 7. Weddings, sessions, and Invisibooth events must take place by December 31, 2015. Discounts do not apply to existing contracts.

Questions / Want In?

E-mail me HERE or use the contact form to get in touch!


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  1. Hey Alison! Congratulations on the new site(s) – they look amazing and its so exciting to see your photography and business flourishing! When I saw your discount promotion for the invisibooth, it got me thinking about tenleigh’s first birthday coming up in april and how fun it might be to have the booth there. I know it’s a long shot, but do you happen to have saturday afternoon, april 25th available? We are having her first birthday party in south jersey at my parents’ house and it’s a woodland faerie/gnome theme, well at least that’s the plan for now. congratulations again! ~Kacey

    • Thanks so much Kacey! The booth is available on April 25 and I’d love to bring it to Tenleigh’s birthday party! E-mailing you :)

  2. I love snuggling up with absurd amounts of hot cocoa (or tea) and a good book… Also napping cocooned in lots of blankets! I think the best part of winter are those rare times you can sit in front of a fireplace with all of the above and someone you love to cuddle with too, all while pretending you’ve got your butt in a beach chair soaking up the sun :)

    (If I win, I’d love a Session!)

  3. Congrats on the new site, it looks amazing! I cope in winter by taking lots of extra Vitamin D, snuggling on the couch, and lighting lots of candles that smell like suntan lotion! I’d love to win a session and use it with my fiance and our siblings to get some nice family photos!

  4. Love the new site! I cope with winter by snuggling with new books and blasting the heat from my electric space heater … I think I’d like the invisibooth at my bridal shower if possible – It’d be so much fun!

  5. We live in houston now! so “coping” with winter means enjoying the BEAUTIFUL 70 degree weekends ;) (although its a bit chilly (50s) out now…and windy… so it isn’t all sunshine. )

  6. Hey Alison! The website it beautiful. I cope with winter by baking yummy things and drinking hot chocolate. :-)

  7. I’m coping with this winter by loading up on vitamin d3 supplements and binge watching Gilmore girls :) I would love to win a session for family photos!!

  8. Haven’t been able to do my usual photography blog stalking these past few months so I’ve just now seen your new website and wanted to let you know how amazing it looks! Always excited to see your work flourish and your business grow, Alison! Hope you’ve been doing well!

    • Esther thank you so much! I so appreciate that :) Hope you’re well as well!


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