Spring Round-Up

April 15, 2014

Spring Round-Up

April 15, 2014

Spring Round-Up

I want to love spring! It’s true. I like the idea of spring. But my runny, red, and sad nose just can’t get on board. At least the coming of spring means Rita’s is open, and I can ask Kealan if we can go get gelati every twenty minutes. He says yes at least 20% of the time.

Round-up time!

Sabrina's Brunch photo

We ate at some of our favorite places – Sabrina’s, and DC’s Founding Farmers. Farmers, we miss you SO much up here. Please bring your fried chicken salad to Philadelphia. Please.

Founding Farmers Brunch photo Spring Round-Up-3

We celebrated our friend (and former ADP bride!) Carolyn’s birthday at Frankford Hall, and everyone except me donned mustaches because true confessions: stickers give me major heebie jeebies.

Frankford Hall photo Spring Round-Up-5

‘Tis the season for showers! One baby, two bridal.

Purple Bridal Shower Terrarium Craft photo Spring Round-Up-9 Spring Round-Up-11 Spring Round-Up-12Spring Round-Up-13

Jeff + Alex’s wedding is next month and I am molto excited :) I think Jeff is planning on wearing those fur feet, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Spring Round-Up-14

Colby is Colby.

Golden Lab mix photo Spring Round-Up-16

I tried to get pictures with him when we were out adventuring with Kealan, but it was mostly embarrassing for me (and him, apparently).

Spring Round-Up-17 Spring Round-Up-18 Spring Round-Up-19 Spring Round-Up-20Spring Round-Up-21 Spring Round-Up-22

Shower season also means wedding season! My wedding season as a photographer starts SOON! But first, I got to start the season as a guest and a MOH :) First, Sara + Elijah:

Spring Round-Up-23 Spring Round-Up-24

Second, lady Becca and mister Chris. Cue: heart explosion.

Spring Round-Up-25 Spring Round-Up-26

My co-MOH and the best man were pretty pleased with our car decorating prowess. Definitely had to look up how to spell prowess.

Spring Round-Up-27 Philadelphia Wedding Sparkler Exit Alison Dunn Photography photo

Love you Crecca :)

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