Summer Round-Up

September 15, 2012

Summer Round-Up

September 15, 2012

Summer Round-Up

I’ve been putting off this post because I’m putting off acceptance that summer is leaving us, but at least the pumpkin products are returning in full force, right? Last week I got a little over-zealous and started researching pumpkin patches, but apparently they aren’t open until October. If I ran pumpkin patches, I would totally make them available year-round, but that’s probably why I’m not a pumpkin-patch owner.

Also: I got to second shoot my first two weddings ever! But you’ll have to stay tuned for those.

Without further ado (and without further pumpkin-wanting-whining), summer 2012!

Kealan graduated and chewed on some medals.

I graduated in sweatpants, because my roommates are champions. Also because it was raining and our robes leak dye or something, but mostly the champions thing.

I visited Clarion, PA, which was beautiful.

Which is also commonly known as the land of wonders. Seriously, this forest was weird.

My high school girls threw me a bridal shower!

We went to wedding number one. Wedding number look-how-awesome-this-bride-is.

We visited New Jersey and ate this homemade cake.

And this ice cream.

And this ice cream.

We went to wedding number two, and Kealan was a best man!

He did weird things with suspenders.

I babysat these little bots for a weekend.

We went to the fair and I avoided all the rides that moved faster than 2 miles an hour. Or all the rides.

Kealan’s parents threw us a Jack-and-Jill party!

Oh, and I took Kealan to an alpaca farm.

They were really into the camera.

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