Winter Round-Up!

January 20, 2015

Winter Round-Up!

January 20, 2015

Winter Round-Up!

Pausing the 2014 photography recap series this week to do a little winter rehash! All in the hopes of making the spring come faster by declaring winter all summed up. Who’s with me?

01-15 Winter Round-Up-1

I’m very pro-potluck and into having as many Thanksgiving dinners as possible, so we went to four celebrations this year! Here’s to five in 2015!

01-15 Winter Round-Up-2 01-15 Winter Round-Up-3

I popped down to Maryland for a weekend to celebrate Kara and baby H! Our friends Jo and Chelsie KILLED IT on their tablescaping.

01-15 Winter Round-Up-401-15 Winter Round-Up-5 01-15 Winter Round-Up-6 01-15 Winter Round-Up-7 01-15 Winter Round-Up-8

We hosted a little gingerbread house making party and of course the Invisibooth came out to play! Target has not failed us in the dollar Christmas headband department.

01-15 Winter Round-Up-9

This is the trailer we (okay, Kealan) made, complete with dog (or sheep, depending on how generous you’re feeling).

01-15 Winter Round-Up-10

We spent Christmas in Massachusetts with Kealan’s family, and Colby was happy as a clam to be with his grandma all week.

01-15 Winter Round-Up-1101-15 Winter Round-Up-13 01-15 Winter Round-Up-14

Immediately after Massachusetts, we flew down to Florida with my parents to DISNEY!

01-15 Winter Round-Up-1-201-15 Winter Round-Up-1601-15 Winter Round-Up-17 01-15 Winter Round-Up-18

Obviously we stopped to say hello to Team Hogwarts while we were down there.

01-15 Winter Round-Up-19 01-15 Winter Round-Up-20

Here is Kealan REALLY geeking out over meeting Frank the dog from Men In Black :)

01-15 Winter Round-Up-21 01-15 Winter Round-Up-22 01-15 Winter Round-Up-23

From us + Colby (kinda), hope you’re having a great 2015 so far!

01-15 Winter Round-Up-24

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