Best of 2018: Behind the Scenes

January 29, 2019

Best of 2018: Behind the Scenes

January 29, 2019

Best of 2018: Behind the Scenes

Time to bring you behind the veil… ;)

For a new twist this year, thought I’d pair some BTS photos with the final result!

So many dresses would have gone un-fluffed without my girl Alex.

My lovely friend Danielle stepped in for Alex when she couldn’t come to Erica and Chase’s wedding! She killed it.

Below: Alex doing work, me wondering when the next snack break will be.

Babysitting the photographer’s daughter/flower girl: not (usually) in her job description but done with a big smile anyway. SHE’S THE BEST.

Varying your facial expressions to keep light testing not boring is an important skill that I look for when hiring.

Note: I would not hire myself based on this qualification.

My favorite behind-the-scenes photo ever :)

Alex and I were both also guests at our last wedding this year and it was THE BEST to finally be on the dance floor together. I promise I enjoyed it.

Love and snacks to my assistants Alex & Danielle, and my second shooters Lauren, Meg, Samantha, Bridget, Joy, and Brianna for all these captures and giggles!


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